Payroll and HR best practices and resources during the COVID-19 pandemic

Everyone around the world is inevitably concerned about the severity the coronavirus disease poses as both a serious public health risk as well as the impact it will have on their jobs, businesses, communities, and economy. With many businesses already being forced to change how they operate and even shut down temporarily around the country, we’ve put together this ebook to help small and mid-sized businesses – a network of tens of thousands of businesses that collectively drive our national economy – navigate these uncertain times.

What’s inside?

Content Outline

  • Disaster-Proofing Payroll and HR
    Focus on not just surviving this difficult time, but also continuing to grow your business
  • Communicating with Employees
    Keep your staff informed with simple, transparent, and consistent messages
  • How to Continue Growing
    How to balance growth while having to make difficult business decisions
  • Accessing Trusted Resources
    for the Latest Information