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Pendella, PayDay Employer Solutions Partnership a Big Boost to Small Business Employee Benefits

PayDay Employer Solutions Announces New Software

BELLMAWR, N.J., June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- PayDay Employer Solutions, a boutique employer services provider, announced today that the company is implementing a new, more robust Human Capital Management (HCM) software platform. The new software, isolved...

401(k) or NJ Secure Choice Savings Program? Which is best for you?

401(k) or NJ Secure Choice Savings Program? Which is best for you?

As a New Jersey business owner that has 25 or more employees and been in business for at least two years, you will soon be required to offer your employees a retirement savings solution or be subject to penalties.  Have you established a plan yet?  If not, PayDay...

IRS announces changes to retirement plans for 2022

IRS announces changes to retirement plans for 2022

IRS announces changes to retirement plans for 2022 Next year taxpayers can put an extra $1,000 into their 401(k) plans. The IRS recently announced that the 2022 contribution limit for 401(k) plans will increase to $20,500. The agency also announced cost‑of‑living...

5 Reasons Why Employers Should Conduct Background Checks

5 Reasons Why Employers Should Conduct Background Checks

Nearly 96% of all employers as stated in this PBSA survey acknowledged their organization conducts employment background screening. Which is great! These organizations understand the importance of background screening and the impact they have. But what about...

Alert: Look out for This Payroll Fraud Scam

Alert: Look out for This Payroll Fraud Scam

How this strain of payroll scam begins. This strain of payroll scam works like this: a scammer impersonates a company employee and sends an email to a payroll or human resources (HR) personnel using a false email address that resembles the format of the organization....

PA UC-640 Charging Statements

PA UC-640 Charging Statements

COVID-19 relief from charges was part of Act 9 of 2020 and expired at the end of 2020.  This means that benefits paid for claim weeks in 2021 will be charged to your account unless you are granted relief. You do not need the actual Request for Relief from Charges...

Why Our Clients Choose Us:

Small Business Focus

We’re perfect for companies with fewer than 50 employees. In fact, that’s our focus: small businesses with challenging payroll needs.

High Level of Service

Unlike massive payroll providers, we’re nimble enough to provide customized service to every client. We’re a high-touch, high-service payroll provider.

No Software Frustration

Sick of using a provider’s clunky software? Tired of technology frustration? We understand. With us, you don’t need all that. Simply upload your info to us.

Easy and Personal

We’ll provide a designated representative to receive your payroll information in one simple step. We’re dedicated to providing refreshingly personal service.

Full-Service Payroll Options:


Payroll Processing

As a comprehensive payroll provider, we offer a wide range of services: payroll processing, online payments, new hire input, personal information updates, wage garnishments, and much more. Our goal is to take payroll processing off your mind, so you can focus on your business.

Workers Comp

Let’s make sure you never get hit with an audit. We’ll calculate workers compensation each pay period, figure rates, and pay carriers. Or we can supply you with full reports for your budgeting and auditing purposes. We make workers compensation easy.

Time Tracking Services

We handle time tracking efficiently and easily for your employees, including variable pay rates, bonuses, time codes, and more. We’ll build it all right into your payroll process so that everything runs smoothly pay period after pay period.

Pensions & Benefits

It’s no problem to process your pension and benefit details. We’ll help you save time and stay in compliance with the administration and recordkeeping requirements for pensions, profit sharing, and 401(k) plans.

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