Working with PayDay

PayDay Employer Solutions is industry-agnostic, proudly serving a wide array of businesses. Whether you’re a burgeoning startup, a thriving small business, or a well-established enterprise, our tailored payroll and HR solutions are designed to fit your unique operational needs.

PayDay Employer Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of services that extend well beyond payroll. From the hiring stage to retirement planning, our expertise encompasses HRIS, tax payment services, and more, ensuring a full-spectrum approach to employee management.

An auto attendant is an automated call routing system. At PayDay Employer Solutions, we prioritize direct, personalized support. We believe in providing our clients with immediate, human-centered assistance, bypassing automated responses for a more engaging experience.

Transitioning to PayDay Employer Solutions’ platform is streamlined and user-friendly. Our dedicated team ensures a smooth integration, offering comprehensive support throughout the process to ensure minimal disruption and optimal efficiency for your business.

PayDay Employer Solutions supports a broad spectrum of integrations with leading accounting, HR, and financial service providers. Our goal is to enhance your business operations through compatible, efficient solutions that promote streamlined workflows.

We love to support your business as you grow! Our system is robust and can grow with you – or shrink with you. We’re with you wherever your business takes you.

Every business is unique and has different goals, and we take a lot of pride in providing custom solutions for our clients. Tell us a bit more about you so we can connect you to a consultant and get you an accurate quote for your business. The last thing we want to do is offer you something you don’t need!

Anyone on our team is delighted to chat with you. But if you’re a client with us, your dedicated account rep is there to answer any questions that may come up, whenever they come up!


Absolutely! PayDay Employer Solutions streamlines payroll for household employees, ensuring seamless management of your domestic payroll needs.

Yes, we do. PayDay Employer Solutions provides flexible payroll scheduling, offering both annual and quarterly payroll services to accommodate your business cycle.

We certainly do. PayDay Employer Solutions delivers both essential accounting and reporting for contract employees and enhanced services for deeper insights and customizable reports.

PayDay Employer Solutions helps tighten your HR processes, saving you money in several ways:
Compliance coverage: Staying ahead of compliance issues to avoid penalties and legal costs.
Streamlined processes: Reducing time spent on hiring, benefits, and documentation cuts down on inefficiencies, translating into significant savings.
Outsourcing versus hiring: As you grow, outsourcing HR functions can be more cost-effective than expanding internal teams.

You should always have new hires fill out a W-4 and I-9 for your records. Along with this you should ask for a driver license and social security card.

You must complete and submit a new W4 form.

Yes, you can have as many accounts setup as you’d like. Please provide your specialist with an updated direct deposit form so they know how you would like the funds split between the multiple accounts.


Certainly, 100%. Whether you need specific HR services or wish to outsource your entire HR function, PayDay Employer Solutions is equipped to support your business at any stage.

Indeed we do. PayDay Employer Solutions has simplified time and attendance management, making it easy for both employees and management to handle time tracking from any location.

Absolutely. Our platform connects to thousands of job boards, centralizes job postings, and streamlines applicant filtering to ensure a comprehensive recruitment process.

We do! Our LMS, Learning Grow, offers over 150 training videos and resources to support the development and retention of your top talent, with options for leadership training and customizable content.

Absolutely! In today’s dynamic work environment, PayDay Employer Solutions is fully equipped to support a dispersed, remote workforce.

Indeed, we do! PayDay Employer Solutions is proficient in managing multi-state payroll and HR complexities, ensuring compliance and consistency across borders.

Yes! We provide comprehensive assistance, from offering templates and tools to crafting a customized employee handbook tailored to your organization’s needs.

Yes, our LMS library includes a wide range of training materials, including vital anti-harassment content to foster a safe and respectful workplace.

Keeping up with compliance is crucial, and PayDay Employer Solutions proactively tracks legal changes for you, offering peace of mind and ensuring your business stays ahead.

PayDayHR Pro is our premier, full-service HR solution designed for clients seeking customized support. We collaborate closely to address your HR challenges, scaling our services to match your growth.

PayDay Employer Solutions complements the work of your HR manager by providing expert guidance, training, and documentation to enhance compliance and help focus on achieving your company’s strategic goals.



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