Seamless Integration: PayDay's Compatibility

Boasting a robust network of 300+ PayDay partner integrations—and continuously expanding—we stand ready to enhance your and your clients’ experiences. Introduce them to the unparalleled customer service that sets PayDay apart.

Retirement Plan Integration

PayDay offers two levels of integration for our Retirement Plan Services: Basic (180) and Enhanced (360). With Basic Integration, PayDay automates the secure transmission of your contributions to your plan provider. Enhanced Integration goes a step further by syncing any updates made on your carrier’s website directly with our platform, ensuring seamless management. Additional fees may vary by integration level. Discover more about the retirement solutions PayDay supports.


Integration Level


Retirement Administration – PayDay can help your company save time while staying in compliance with the administration and recordkeeping of defined contribution plans, such as pension, profit sharing, and 401(k) plans.

Health Insurance – Health insurance is one of the most important employer-provided benefits currently offered in the workforce. PayDay can accurately calculate, verify, and adjust payroll deductions as needed, while assisting your company in making your premium payments to the carrier.

Workers’ Comp Solutions

Explore the extensive range of workers’ compensation solutions PayDay supports, including leading pay-as-you-go platforms like E-Comp, SmartPay, TruPay, and Insurelinx. We’re here to simplify your
workers’ comp management.


Time Card Compatibility

Browse through the time card systems PayDay integrates with. Building a full conversion for time card integration requires time to ensure a seamless transition. While we offer integration, a period of discovery and validation is essential to guaranteeing optimal functionality.



Interested in integrating your retirement plan services or workers’ compensation solutions with PayDay? We’d love to hear from you. 

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